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P85DK Nov 24 '16
Quote from torvalstrom
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ja, men jeg tror desværre denne med battieriet også strækker sig til 90 modellerne ... så en 85'er er reelt en 81'er (inkl 4 kWh brick buffer) og en 90'er er reelt en 86'er (inkl 4 kWh brick buffer).

Det her matcher fint min egen oplevelse med kapaciteten :

Usable energy is probably around 82 kWh judging by the 85 pack. It was 77 usable and the increase was 6%. Also the new pack is 3300mAh cells (also consistent with the 6% denser cells from original 3100mAh) 74parallel 96 series connected so 3,3 * 74 * 3,7 volts nominal * 96 = 86,7kWh. Tesla calls this 90 and only allows for 97% DoD to protect pack, so there you have 84kWh usable energy. ~2kWh of that is for the 12V replenishing and aircon/heating and other system usually. Cacapcity you can take out of a battery is really different depending on the usage and many other variables.


ja, 90 = 86 :-(

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