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JensenBreck Nov 29 '17

Hi. I'm fairly new to Melbourne (9 years) coming from Northern Europe. I have been driving to the train station and parking street-side for whole days, for the last few years, mostly in the Ringwood area. Recently, I have encountered some bad blood from owners whose house i happened to park in front of.

It is my practice to never park in front of the same house or street for more than once a week and always courteous, parking nicely and out of trouble. I know it's not perfect for these house owners but i also know it's public access. And for people like me, there's just no other optional station parking bays available by the time i dropped off my kids at school.

I know I have not done anything illegal (not clearway, no duration limits) but are there any more unwritten social rules i should be aware of? What does one do in these situations?

ed: "whole days" meaning 9am – 6pm. Never overnight. :)

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ElPeter Nov 29 '17