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JensenBreck Nov 29 '17

Hi All, I live in North Brisbane and travel almost daily to Mt. Gravatt. (Mt Gravatt/Capalaba rd).
Naturally I am ripped off by the road tolls on the Gateway Highway M1. Currently the cost for a car 
is $4-47 per trip which equals $8-94 per day (I have a tag). 
My GPS tells me to go via Brisbane city to avoid paying tolls. I have done this twice, and have been late for work twice due to the huge amount of traffic. (I leave home approx 1 hour before work time).

What I am asking is: Is there a way of using the M1 and turning off before the toll points, and then getting back on the M1 after the toll point. (Mainly the Leo Heschler bridges). 
The GPS is determined to take me through the city, or via the M1 tolls.
I have searched online for a road travel guide, and asked friends as well. 
Can anyone give accurate directions (if it is possible to do) on where to turn off and on the M1. ?
without twisting every which way ???

Thanks in Advance

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.


infographic examples

ElPeter Nov 29 '17