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tesla_fan Sep 25 '19

Hi all,

I'm considering getting a set of Tsportline wheels 18s for winter for my Model 3 Performance. Unfortunately, I'm in the "other Denmark" (Bornholm) and I am trying to organize transport somehow. So I'm wondering if anyone so happens to be coming from around Hinnerup to east of the bridge anytime soon? I could then meet somewhere in Sweden or who knows? Maybe magically you happen to be coming to Bornholm for a lovely visit :)

Otherwise I am also open to suggestions for winter wheels in 18 inch available in Denmark/Sweden that will clear the larger brakes of the P. I know Bjørn Nyland is currently using Oxxo rims with a hub-centric adaptor ring. I'd like to first see if the Tsportine is possible as they are correctly milled to fit the P.

P.S. just got my Wall Connector installed. Aquired it in Germany before moving and installation was very fairly priced. Will post photos and details of the install in another thread.


KimT Sep 25 '19

Have you asked Jeppe what the shipping cost would be ?

Personally we are going to Kbh in week 42, but it is a family trip, so no space for 4 wheels !

tesla_fan Sep 25 '19

Hi KimT, thanks for the response. At the moment, Jeppe suggested to first try and arrange transport or come to him. When this fails, I'll have to look into freight. I imagine it's rather expensive to the island but happy to take some shipping offers. 

Tayfun Sep 26 '19


I'm driving from Aarhus to KBH on a regular (monthly) basis this fall, if you can find another possibility form here.


tesla_fan Sep 26 '19

@Tayfun. I definitely wouldn't mind a trip into CPH. That's a lot easier to handle. Let me talk with with Jeppe about possible shipping and then I'll get back to you. 

DeaconWP Sep 27 '19

What is the timeframe for the rims to arrive and go on the further trip to You?

tesla_fan Sep 27 '19

Hi DeaconWP, I believe Jeppe already has them in stock but I will confirm that he doesn't need to order them from the States. As these will be our winter wheels we need to have them before 1 November.

tesla_fan Sep 27 '19

Just got off the phone with Jeppe. He will have the wheels at his garage from middle October.

DeaconWP Sep 28 '19


I can ask some family (cousin) I have, whom has a sister on Bornholm. They might volunteer to get paid for the journey.

I guess, You will only be ordering rims, and buy tyres on Bornholm.

tesla_fan Sep 30 '19

HI Deacon, if I can work out transport for them then yes, rims only. If I end up shipping then Jeppe told me the difference with shipping with or without tires is nominal.