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SebastianR Jul 16

Hi all,

sorry for English - feel free to reply in Danish. But has anybody else heard from Codan that their insurance for the "Insure My Tesla" is going up? According to the website the price with Autopilot should be 9945 DKK per year. However, they now wrote to me that they want 10.235 DKK. 

Is that normal?

HrMogensen Jul 16
Maybe you have addet something to the insurrance? Windshield, parking (without owner risk) or something else?
HenrikD Jul 16

I have the same experience. I also got a raise to ~ DKK 11.000 a few months back. Four years without damage or change to the police.

jth Jul 16
9945 to 10235 is a 3% increase. Probably not unusual year to year increase.
SebastianR Jul 17

Thanks for all your replies! What surprised me is that the price went up - I understand that the "Insure My Tesla" offer doesn't include the (regular) yearly discount in pricing due to driving without causing any damage. But as it stands right now, Codan would treat me (even if only 3%) worse than somebody walking in from the street (the original offer of 9945 is still advertised on their website). I will call and ask. 

EDIT: I finally got around to call: there was a systems mistake. The will provide the previous price again. So if you got a strange increase in your insurance, call the "Insure my Tesla" hotline. Overall I would like to recommend Codan, I have good experiences with them.

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