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kurgan Nov 24 '14

Fra Tesla Motors Club:

"as most of you are probably aware, the German magazine "Der Spiegel" published an interview with Elon Musk in its latest issue. Since there were a few points I hadn't heard about yet. Since the article is behind a paywall I thought it is a good idea to put the important points here. I am sorry in case I had just missed these things and they are not actually news.

Here you go:
-Batteries from Gigafactory contain about 10% of Cobalt sourced from Canada (Not Kongo. Question was directed toward protection of human rights)
-EM expects to build a battery factory in Germany within the 5-6 years timeframe.
-EM thinks German OEMs should put a lot more effort into developing batteries, thinks Germany has good preconditions to do so (b/c of a lot of engineers living there).
-He thinks Toyota and Daimler sold stakes to realize profits, nothing more.
-Tesla in talks with BMW about cooperation around battery, charging network and carbon fiber body parts.
-“BMW has relatively cost-effective production of carbon fiber body parts.”
-Doesn’t think that the reduced oil price has effect on electric cars, doesn’t think oil price will fall much further.
-Software Update next month will let the car recognize when you are out of reach to the next charging station and automatically warn you (It will also provide routing to the nearest SuperCharger).
-EM thinks fuel cell is ridiculous, three times less efficient, highly flammable, thus risk of explosions
-Autopilot works on 90% of driven kilometers. Problematic is driving around places without road marking or where kids are playing. Tesla will solve this within the next three years.
-EM wants to talk with Tim Cook (of Apple), because Apple is highly interested in the car business. All he can say is that Apple is not about to buy Tesla. (and vice versa  )
-EM thinks small, autonomously driving, electric pods could be a great way of individualizing public transport.
-He would like to see a lot more tunnels. Because buildings are three-dimensional he thinks roads should be too. Alternative of flying cars is not the way to go because they are loud and can fall on your head."

Sithfury Nov 24 '14

Lyder fedt for fremtiden :-)

Fortryder lidt at jeg har solgt mine Tesla aktier ligesom Daimler og Toyota, men købte til kurs 26 og solgte til kurs 220, så jeg er ikke ked af det..