SÆLGES: Adapter, 7 polet trailer til 13 Model 3 (3D Printed) | Tesla Forum

SebastianR May 1

Hi all,

sorry for English - feel free to answer in Danish, I understand but can't write to so well - thanks!

For my Model 3 I ordered a special 3D printed adapter from 13 pins to 7 pins which fits the Model 3 exactly and is MUCH more convenient to use. The original is from Mackuser in the German Tesla TFF Form.


Accidentally I received 2 adapters and thus can sell one here for the price I paid (300 DKK / 40 Euro). The adapter is super solid, extra good quality and comes with 2 extra clips for the cover of the towing equipment that allow you to open/close the Model 3 cover without using a coin/screwdriver. 

Pickup in CPH/Frederiksberg.